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Cleaning and air quality recommendations for fitting rooms

Posted by Cameron Craig on


Fitting Room Disinfection

Fitting rooms are often small, enclosed, and poorly-ventilated spaces, which are not ideal during the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are ways to keep fitting rooms clean and ready for customers.

Fitting rooms were the last area to reopen in retail stores because so many store owners were unsure how to keep them safe. The safety concern was also there for patrons. In May 2020, sixty-five percent of women said they would not feel safe trying on clothes in dressing rooms because of COVID-19.

How can retail stores earn back trust? When people feel comfortable, they are more likely to try clothes on and ultimately make a purchase. We recommend a two-pronged approach to cleaning fitting rooms: cleansing the air and cleaning surfaces. This will ensure fitting rooms are as safe as possible for both employees and customers.

Cleansing Air in Fitting Rooms

Because fitting rooms are often small spaces, it can be difficult to improve ventilation. Multiple people frequently move in and out of the space. Cleansing the air is an important step to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Many UV-C and disinfection products are designed for larger spaces, so they can inactivate as many pathogens as possible. But there are several products designed specifically for smaller spaces, like the UV Fan XS by Light Progress.

Light Progress

Light Progress UV FAN products circulate and cleanse the air in a room. This unit is safe for occupied spaces because the UV-C is enclosed, so you can leave it on all day for constant air treatment. The UV FAN XS also contains a Titanium Dioxide (TiOx) filter that oxidizes and degrades contaminants carried in the air. TiOx filters never have to be replaced, so maintenance is easy.

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A single UV FAN XS unit can cover approximately 230 square feet, depending on the application. Installation is simple and the unit can be mounted horizontal or vertical.

This fixture improves indoor air quality and continuously reduces the amount of pathogens in the air, creating a cleaner, safer environment.

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Cleaning Surfaces in Fitting Rooms

Surface cleaning is a critical step in protecting customers. A best practice is to continuously wipe surfaces down throughout the day. Often, this is tedious and requires extra staffing.

There is a better and safer process than constantly using disinfecting wipes or disinfecting sprays. Certain cleaners on the market continue to work on surfaces to keep them cleaner, longer. One example is the Multi-Task Cleaner by Z BioScience.

Multi-Task Cleaner
Z BioScience

The Multi-Task Cleaner by Z BioScience uses probiotics to leave a layer of good bacteria that keeps fighting pathogens and gets rid of biofilm. This cleaner works on hard and soft surfaces to remove heavy soil and other contaminants. Plus, it's eco-friendly and certified to be green, so it's safe to use in fitting rooms and won't cause irritation like some common disinfectants.



Z BioScience's Multi-Task Cleaner is simple to use. Spray and wipe using a microfiber cloth. There is no dwell time (the amount of time that a product should sit on a surface) and no PPE required, so it's an effective and fast option for busy staff.

Problem with odors in fitting rooms? Check out this process to get rid of smells with Z BioScience products.

Protecting Surfaces in Fitting Rooms

Once surfaces in fitting rooms are clean, they should be protected. More than likely, retail store staff is not able to effectively wipe down every single area in fitting rooms. Using a protectant can help ensure that a broader area is covered.

Z BioScience makes a protectant that pairs well with the Multi-Task Cleaner, called Enviro Mist

EnviroMist Protectant
Z BioScience

EnviroMist is a concentrated microflora spray that helps maintain a barrier of GRAS (generally regarded as safe) probiotics on hard surfaces and fabrics. It's most effective when it's applied with a fogger, like this one:

Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger

One gallon of EnviroMist covers approximately 8,000 square feet, so it will last a long time in smaller areas like fitting rooms. 

Best Practices for Fitting Rooms

On top of cleaning, there are several ways to reduce pathogens in fitting rooms. They include:

  • Encouraging customers to wash or sanitize hands before trying on clothes
  • Limiting the amount of decorations or objects in fitting rooms
  • Asking customers to leave unwanted items in a designated area, so they don't end up back on the rack
  • Quarantining or sanitizing items that have been tried on for at least 24 hours
  • Controlling or limiting the flow of customers in fitting rooms
  • For specialty stores, consider requiring an appointment to try on items

Once you've decided on the best ways to keep the area safe for patrons, let them know what you're doing. Place signs with your cleaning protocols and precautions around fitting rooms and also outside your store. These signs (similar to the one pictured below) will instill confidence and make shoppers feel comfortable stepping inside to shop.


When you're ready to step up the cleanliness of your fitting rooms, contact us for a free cleaning plan audit. Our team of experts will look over your current plan and provide recommendations to create a safer, healthier environment for retail employees and customers.

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