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Practical advice on commercial lighting from LED retrofts to lighting design

Download our LED Buying Guide before you make your next lighting purchase

Posted by Jules Tompkins on



LED has taken the lighting industry by storm. The price of entry into lighting manufacturing has never been smaller, opening up the floodgates for new, innovative manufacturers with little overhead to introduce a myriad of new products and ideas to the market. 

What's the end result of that for you, the customer? An overwhelming number of products to choose between. 

You're committed to getting the best price and performance out of a long-term purchase for your business. That's precisely why making an LED buying decision can feel so daunting. 

There are specs to choose between, manufacturer warranties to weigh, rebates to claim – so much goes into an LED buying decision. 


We wanted to simplify the process for you, so we put together an easy-to-use guide that's designed to be a handbook resource the next time the lighting guy drops by with some samples. 

Whether you're trying to avoid heavy up-front cost or looking to install state-of-the-art lighting in your future buildout – or somewhere in between – we included some helpful tips and manufacturer-specific recommendations in the guide that should clear things up.

Learn more about Regency's LED Buying Guide and find a link to download it via the button below.

 LED Buying Guide to find the best pricing and right specs for LED lighting products