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Do field-adjustable LED fixtures qualify for rebates?

Posted by Luis Espino on


Commercial lighting rebates are an easy way to qualify for extra savings on your next LED lighting project. But LED lighting technology is changing rapidly. Do fixtures containing some of the latest technology qualify for rebates?

While rebates for LED products have been around for a number of years, rebates for LED products that are field-adjustable have been limited and did not become available until 2018.

This category of LED products is growing rapidly — so with the help of Briteswitch, we examine if field-adjustable LED fixtures qualify for rebates.

What are field-adjustable LED fixtures?

Field-adjustable LED fixtures are products where the installer can set certain specifications in the field. For example, you can buy products that have different color temperature and wattage options built in. Most of the time, these settings are selected upon installation and only require the flip of a switch or dial.


A single product may contain the ability to adjust the color temperature and the wattage. These fixtures have a few benefits.

First, it's easier for manufacturers and distributors to stock the products, which means it's easier for you to purchase. Instead of making multiple product SKUs for slight variations, manufacturers are able to produce fewer SKUs.

Second, these fixtures provide more flexibility in the field should the lighting purpose change over time.

We examine the pros and cons of wattage and color selectable LED fixtures.

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Field-adjustable LED fixtures and rebates

We have found that if a standard fixture qualifies for a rebate, the field-adjustable product qualifies as well. Rebates are often particular to the products, so as with any rebate, it's important to read the fine print before you make a purchase. The products most likely need to be DLC or Energy Star rated.

In some cases, the wattage may need to be "locked in" to qualify for the rebate. For example, utilities generally don't want you to set the wattage to qualify for a rebate, then adjust the wattage later.

Here's a glance at the current average rebates for field adjust fixtures in the United States:

Type of LED solution Avg. Rebate
Downlights $33
Troffers and Panels $33
Retrofit Kits $34
Outdoor Wall Mount $91
Outdoor Pole or Arm Mount $97
High Bay Fixtures $120

In areas with a prescriptive rebate amount paid on a "per fixture" basis, the rebate for a field-adjustable fixture would be the same in almost all cases.

Additional resources on rebates:

Qualifying for LED lighting rebates

We always recommend doing your homework before you rely on rebates for any project. The requirements often differ between products. This is especially true with adjustable fixtures used at a lower wattage — the rebate may be less based on the selected wattage.

If you have any questions about finding the right LED lighting rebates or qualifying for them, our team is here to guide you.

For years, we've sorted through programs to help customers pay for part of their lighting upgrade. Contact us if you're ready to get started on your lighting upgrade.

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