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Practical advice on commercial lighting from LED retrofts to lighting design


Deciding between fluorescent and LED tubes? Check out our Linear Lighting Playbook for insider advice

Posted by Jules Tompkins on



Linear fluorescent lighting has for decades been the workhorse light source for so many applications, thanks to its long life ratings and relatively efficient use of energy. But the emergence of linear LED technology over the last decade or so has really changed the landscape, making buying decisions for linear applications more complex. 

We get questions all the time about linear lighting. Is it risky to invest in LED lighting products? Are more fluorescent phaseouts ahead? What linear lighting products does Regency suggest?

We've written a lot about these topics on this blog, but we wanted to make it even easier to understand, so we put together six guides for six different popular linear lighting applications.

Download the one most applicable to your role or industry to get:

  • Guidelines for making linear lighting decisions in your application
  • Linear LED vs. linear fluorescent pros and cons
  • Insider recommendations for winning with tubes
  • Tips for deciding between LED tubes and LED fixtures
  • Step-by-step plan for ordering the right linear products